Tips for Beginners: How to Do Storytelling Through Your Photos

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A happy weekend to all!

As one of my first blog posts for those new to photography, I’d like to touch up on storytelling. Guiding clients during a session can take work in order for the photos to look their best – whether it’s telling them how and where to pose, how to turn, how to pose their heads, how to stand, etc. They make for fantastic, frame-worthy pictures.

If you’re unfamiliar with my style, you may end up noticing that many of my photos show people in the moment and less with looking at the camera and minimal posing. I love to capture my clients when they are their true selves.

I have done sessions in maternity, lifestyle, newborn, and events such as baby/bridal showers, and sweet 16’s. Each event always has a special moment that can be captured in time and into a photo. There are moments that might have tears, spontaneous visits by an older sibling during a shoot, jokes shared between friends, and many more fun and emotional moments to capture. These moments tell a story.

Below you will find a few tips on how to do storytelling in your photography that have helped me. Not only will it make the sessions more fun and interesting, it can be less exhausting while rewarding once the photos are complete.

1. Make your client feel comfortable: I like to break the ice right off the bat. Many clients feel “funny” by having their photos taken or aren’t very comfortable with the camera. Prior to a session, I like to chat with my clients about how the session will play out. We will discuss posing ideas, flattering areas, lighting, etc. That way they know what to expect, what my style is, what photo ideas they have in mind, and any other ideas to incorporate into our session. I usually start off my sessions with poses as many clients are excited and ready to begin. During this time we get to know each other better and the clients get more comfortable with the camera.

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2. Have a conversation: I enjoy having conversations with my clients to keep the session flowing and helps me see the client in their true environment. It’s also very important as it makes the session less cold. A mistake I made early on was speaking very little to the point of not guiding the client in poses and they’d ask if their pose is ok. That made it feel awkward. Keep it light and fun. I have found that I’ve made memories with the clients myself, too.

During these moments in conversation it’ll be easy to capture the client in moments where they may perhaps be expressing something or cracking a joke with you or their friends and family. There really is no need to stop taking photos during these times where it seems like things are steering out of course.

Which brings me to my last tip…

3. Don’t stop taking photos: During spontaneous moments and during breaks in between, take the photos. The clients may be taking breaks here and there to relax, but that can be a great time to get in some great shots that tell a story. Many clients get caught-up with the session and when it’s time to relax for a period of time, they get back to being themselves. I often tell my clients that during these times they can just totally ignore me and pretend I’m not around at all.

As time goes by I find that I’m also still learning from each experience I have. Remember to have fun and give your client a great service. Each client and event is different, and each one has something to learn from.

What are your tips on capturing special moments and storytelling in your photography?

Until next week, friends!

— Alma

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